Carmel Medical Center Friends Association

By Lady Davies

About Us


The Friends of Carmel Medical Center association was founded in 1995 to help the ongoing and extraordinary activities of the hospital management and staff to continue to be at the forefront of medicine in Israel and the world.


The association is non-profit and its main activity is raising financial resources for the purchase of advanced equipment, construction and development of the hospital in order to be an advanced medical center for the well-being of the residents of the State of Israel. 

War of Iron Swords

In these difficult days, after the initial and life-saving treatment of the frontline hospitals, the wounded are transferred to medical centers in the center and north of the country. One of the hospitals that accept them for treatment in the secondary circuit is the Carmel Medical Center.


Since the beginning of the war, on the 7th of October, the doctors and nurses of the hospital have been treating a large number of casualties. Our orthopedic surgeons were among the first to arrive and provide medical care to the injured in the south of the country. From the second day of the war, we receive wounded soldiers and civilians, most of whom require additional surgical interventions.


We appeal to you to mobilize and help us with donations for the purchase of life-saving medical equipment.


together we will win.

Shlomi Forman, Chairman of the Friends Association.

For Donation

הפרוייקטים שבפיתוח ע"י העמותה

– מחלקת דימות (עלות מיכשור 4,000,000₪)
– מכון האנגיו (עלות מיכשור 3,000,000₪)
– מחלקת אורטופדיה (עלות מערכת 3,200,000₪)
– כלי דם (עלות מערכת 800,000₪)
– ניתוחי חזה (עלות מערכת 900,000₪)

The Manager's Word

The accelerated development of medicine presents the hospital with new challenges.

The management of the Carmel Medical Center makes a great effort to raise resources for the advancement and flourishing of the hospital, the support of the public is an extremely important pillar for the realization of the hospital’s development plan.


Your contribution to the department or the hospital as a whole, of your own free will. After the end of the treatment processes and regardless of them, you will be received with deep gratitude. Your thanks will be conveyed to all concerned.

Dr. Avi Goldberg, director of the hospital.